Easy Oatmeal Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 cup dry oatmeal
1-2 packets stevia or other low calorie sweetener
1 1/2 scoops protein powder (flavor optional)
1 teaspoon honey
10-12 ounces almond milk

Oatmeal is a go-to staple of bodybuilders, health nuts, dieters and healthy people in general. Why you ask? Because it is a great source of energy and one of the healthiest complex carbs that you can eat. Oatmeal is full of healthy starches and fiber to help with digestion.

Perhaps most importantly, several studies about oatmeal show that it helps reduce heart disease! With all of these benefits, it’s a great staple to add to your diet. I also enjoy adding it to protein shakes! It thickens them up and is great in the morning for a quick breakfast on the go.

This oatmeal protein shake recipe is super healthy and filling. It will give you energy and combat hunger for a long time. It’s great to burn fat with and has become a staple of my diet!

For this recipe, add all of the ingredients into a quality blender and that’s it! You can use any type of protein powder that you want. My favorites for this recipe are chocolate peanut butter, vanilla and cookies and cream. Let me know your favorite type for this oatmeal protein shake in the comments section!

Stay full, burn fat and make this awesome shake in less than five minutes!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 scoop vanilla protein powder Handful of ice cubes 1-2 tablespoons of PB2 (regular peanut butter works as well) 1 tablespoon of organic jam Pinch of cinnamon 1 packet of stevia sweetener

The classic combination of peanut butter & jelly is good in any type of food. I’ve had it as a milkshake, ice cream, latte, spread and of course on a sandwich. I love it so much that I decided to come up with a protein shake version of PB&J.

I’ve made ones before that simply consist of adding a few tablespoons of Goobers peanut butter & jelly combo to a traditional vanilla protein powder shake.

This particular recipe is a little bit healthier and more well-rounded. Let me know what you think of the class peanut butter and jelly version of a protein shake. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

P.S. – I use PB2 and Crofter’s Organic Jam for mine. Great products! I also usually add a splash of milk, but that’s just a taste preference.

Healthy Vanilla Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 scoop Vanilla protein powder Handful of ice cubes 1 teaspoon instant coffee Stevia to taste 1 tablespoon vanilla greek yogurt 6 ounces water

I’m addicted to caffeine. I have no problem waking up early to hit the gym or head to the office, but I need a little bit of caffeine in my veins to get moving. This is a recovery shake that I’ll have after an early morning gym session on my way into the office. It helps me get that caffeine fix and it’s also loaded up with protein to start building muscle.

You can add half of a banana or milk if you wanted to add some extra sweetness into this morning beverage.

This is a lot healthier than an iced beverage from Starbucks in the morning and will help kickstart both your morning and your workout recovery!

You can use any type of vanilla protein powder. Another good option that I love is to use Optimum Nutrition’s Coffee flavored protein powder. It’s wonderful on its own but is made just for this recipe! You can get creative and do 1/2 scoop of coffee protein powder and 1/2 vanilla or chocolate for a little extra flavor.

Save money and save calories with this recipe by avoiding the local coffee shop after the gym!


Oatmeal Raisin Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

2 scoops of vanillla protein powder (Banana or other vanilla flavors would work too)
8-10 ounces of water (use milk for thicker shake)
1/2 cup of instant oatmeal
1/2 cup of raisins
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)
Handful of almonds (optional)

Today’s recipe is the perfect way to kick start your day with a high protein breakfast shake. Oatmeal is a staple of my diet…I use it for shakes, breakfast, toppings…all sorts of things. It’s a great (mostly clean) energy source.

This recipe combines oatmeal with raisins, peanut butter and more. Great for a breakfast on the go or a Saturday morning post workout shake. I’d recommend using it on a cardio day.

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

2 scoops Vanilla or Chocolate protein powder
1 tablespoon peanut butter
500ml milk or water
Half of a frozen banana
1 tablespoon honey or sweetener
Several ice cubes
Handful of almonds (optional)

Frozen bananas are a great snack. I’ve used them to make ice cream or just to eat like a popsicle.

They are also great for protein shakes! They blend pretty easily and can really fill out a shake. They are especially great if you are bulking or drinking this shake for breakfast.

What better way to work the banana into a protein shake recipe than to match it with peanut butter. Everybody’s favorite combination works great for a recovery shake.

I use this after morning workouts a lot and pair it with some steel cut oats for breakfast. It’s a very tasty and filling way to start the day after killing it in the gym!