Cinnamon Apple Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 ½ cups vanilla almond milk ½ cup almond butter 1 apple, cored and quartered ½ teaspoon cinnamon 8 to 10 drops stevia, to taste ½ cup ice cubes 1 scoop pea protein 1 ½ tablespoons coconut oil, melted

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and loved my desserts.  Since I started eating more healthy though (and did a restricted diet for six months), my tastes have changed.  I still crave something sweet, just not sickening sweet like I used to.  So what better way to satisfy that craving and make the daily protein shakes a little more interesting than to make them into mini-desserts!

Now, this might not have a buttery crust but it still hits the mark for me, especially with the mix of cinnamon and apple.  You can use any kind of apple that you like.  I usually use fuji or gala apples in all of my smoothies because of their sweetness.  If you want to up the cinnamon flavor, you can use cinnamon-flavored stevia too instead of plain stevia.  SweetLeaf makes an awesome line of flavored stevias and they’re super easy to use because they’re in liquid form and come with a dropper.

I tend to use pea protein in all my smoothies too because it’s dairy free, soy free and gluten free but you can use any type of vanilla protein powder too if you want more flavor.  This one comes out a little on the liquid/frothy side which I like, but adding a little plain yogurt can make it a little thicker if you like.

Detox Smoothie Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 ½ cups cold water ½ lemon, peeled 1 pear 1 green apple 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric ½ tablespoon grated fresh ginger root Pinch of cayenne pepper, to taste ½ teaspoon stevia or other natural sweetener, to taste

At the direction of my naturopathic doctor, I did an extremely restricted diet for six months a couple years ago.  Although it was pretty difficult and frustrating at times, I have to admit, it was nice knowing that I was only putting “real” foods in my body.  Basically, I ate fruits, vegetables and meats (grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free), nothing else.  After the restricted diet ended and I switched to a more Paleo-like diet, I found myself wanting to do a “detox” every once in a while just to get that feeling of a super clean system again.

After finding a bunch of different concoctions online and in books, I decided to make my own combination based on the most common detoxifying ingredients.  Lemon, fresh ginger and turmeric seem to be the most-touted ones out there.  Lemons help with digestion and flush toxins from your body, while ginger helps with liver function.  Turmeric is also beneficial to the liver.

Cayenne pepper is another go-to ingredient when it comes to detoxifying.  It has been praised for its benefits to your circulatory system and digestive system.  Apples and pears are a great way to add fiber and of course water instead of milk is a no brainer.

Since I’m not a huge fan of ginger (and that’s what you usually taste the most), I add a little liquid stevia for taste.  It’s not contradictory to the detox like traditional sugar and helps tame the spiciness of the ginger root and cayenne.

This isn’t one I like to drink every day but it’s a great way to “clean up” your body every few weeks!

Nuts & Berries Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

½ cup water 1/3 cup plain coconut milk yogurt ¼ banana 2 tablespoons walnuts 1 tablespoon blanched almonds 1 teaspoon agave nectar ½ cup frozen unsweetened raspberries 1 cup ice cubes 1 scoop pea protein 1 ½ tablespoons coconut oil, melted

I think squirrels have the right idea with their diet.  You never see them lining up at the doctor’s office needing shots and medication.  So what better ingredients for a protein shake than nuts and berries?  I usually use at least one kind of berry in my protein shakes every day but I don’t typically add a lot of nuts, just a scoop of almond butter usually.  So to mix things up a little (and add some more protein), I made this one extra nutty.

My favorite berry is raspberries but I think strawberries or blueberries would taste good in this one too.  I like to use unsweetened berries as much as possible to make sure I’m not taking in any extra sugar.  I try to buy organic berries too even though the price tag is a little higher.

Almonds have long been touted as a healthy snack but did you know walnuts are really good for you too?  I didn’t really pay them much attention (other than to use them in one really good pesto recipe) but do a little research and you’ll find they contain tons of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!  Adding more than one kind of nut, ups the amount of “good fat” too.

I use coconut milk yogurt and agave nectar to keep the smoothie dairy free and refined sugar free but you can always use low fat milk and honey if you prefer. I really like to use pea protein to keep it as healthy as possible too. My favorite pea protein is Now Foods. It’s tasty stuff!

With all of the antioxidants and nutrients in this protein shake recipe, I like to use this after a long, early morning workout in the fitness pool or a late night date with the weights at my favorite gym.

Either way, you’ll find this one takes like a yummy bowl of cereal all mixed up in a shake!

Key Lime Kiwi Protein Smoothie

Protein Shake Ingredients

¼ cup water ½ lime, peeled 2 kiwis, peeled and seeded 1 pear 1 tablespoon agave nectar 1 cup ice cubes 1 ½ tablespoons coconut oil, melted 1 small scoop vanilla protein powder

My mother’s favorite dessert was key lime pie.  No matter where we went, be it a fancy restaurant or a hole in the wall, if key lime pie was on the menu, she was getting it.  Little things like that stand out in your mind after someone is gone, so I’ve found myself paying homage to this love of hers lately.  First with a sparkly slice of pie Christmas ornament and then with a key lime inspired smoothie.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of lime (except with my tequila!) so I knew I wanted to add another flavor to ease up the tartness a little.  Kiwis have always been a favorite of mine and hey, they’re in the green family too.  The mixture of the two flavors is refreshing and light and the addition of a pear gives it a unique taste and a soft consistency without having to add yogurt or milk.

I don’t like my smoothies to be sickening sweet either so I always opt for an “alternative” sweetener like stevia, xylitol or agave.  You can also use honey in place of the agave if you want.

It’s not as decadent as a piece of key lime pie but I think my mom would still give this one a thumbs up!

Easy Strawberry Kale Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1/2 cup fresh strawberries 2 kale leaves, chopped 1 banana Handful of ice cubes 6-8 ounces of vanilla almond milk 1 tablespoon honey

Kale is one of nature’s greatest gifts to those who want to get fit or lose weight. A rare superfood, kale is great in salads, smoothies, shakes or as a standalone side. Kale is loaded with beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C and calcium. It’s a superfood because eating it actually makes you healthier!

I don’t buy kale often because it is expensive and, depending on where you live, hard to find in your average grocery store. But when I get my hands on it, I love to use it in protein shakes. You could make a kale protein shake with minimal ingredients, but I love combining its taste and nutrients with fruit. A kale fruit smoothie is as good as it gets!

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you know that strawberries are my favorite fruit to add in to a protein shake. Kale is no exception! I put together this strawberry kale protein shake to give you energy and nutrients to power your workouts or help you recover.

If you have any other great kale protein shake recipes, feel free to add them into the comments section below. Kale is such a wonderful ingredient and I’ll be adding more recipes in the near future that are packed full of this superfood!

Easy Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

8 ounces almond milk 1 handful spinach 1 cup sliced apple 1/2 cup sliced pear 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon stevia

Here’s my favorite green protein shake recipe. I do not like vegetables at all (or fruit too much either) so coming up with creative ways to get all of my nutrients is something that I’ve had to do. This easy green smoothie is what I drink almost every morning as part of my breakfast. It is loaded with protein and antioxidants to help get your day started off on the right foot. Aside from the awesome health benefits, I really feel like the biggest benefits of this shake are mental. It gets my day started off on the perfect note — I’ve had my protein and nutrients and it gives my a healthy and disciplined mindset before I ever step out of the door.

What makes green protein smoothies like this extra special is that they taste great! They might be green but it doesn’t taste like you are eating spinach or lettuce or whatever it may be. The flavor of this shake recipe is wonderful…even for vegetable haters like myself.

Feel free to vary up which greens you put into this smoothie. You can even change up which fruits you want to include as well. Experimentation is key!

If you get in the habit of starting your day with this shake like I do then you have to be at least a little flexible since you may not always have exact amounts of these particular smoothie ingredients.

Easy Healthy Wildberry Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 1/2 - 2 scoops whey protein powder 7-10 blueberries 4-6 raspberries 2-4 strawberries 8 ounces almond milk Handful of spinach (optional)

The power of berries! They are taste, usually fairly cheap and full of healthy energy. I’ve been a berry addict for a long time and I really enjoying adding them to my protein shakes. Blueberries are full of antioxidants. raspberries have antimicrobial properties and studies have shown that strawberries can reduce stress. What’s not to like?


You can pick up frozen berries in the grocery store year round that make a really cold, thick protein shake. They are perfect for blending and still have the health benefits. They aren’t quite as tasty as fresh berries, but they’ll do the trick!

Strawberry Peach Protein Shake Smoothie Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1/2 of a peach 6 strawberries 8-10 ounces almond milk 1 packet stevia 1-2 ice cubes 1 tablespoon oatmeal (optional)

Summertime might be coming to a close, but with this protein shake recipe you can enjoy a thick, fruity treat all year round! Fruit are some of the best ingredients you can have in a protein shake and this shake is packed with strawberries and peaches…two of my favorite fruits!

I got the inspiration for this recipe from the yummy Bolthouse Farms smoothies that you see at the grocery store. They are so tasty, but also packed full of calories and sugars. This isn’t the healthiest protein shake recipe that I have, but it is world’s better than the fruit juices and smoothies that you see at the grocery store.

I’ll drink this on a Sunday afternoon after a workout or with my breakfast in the morning. The natural sugars in the fruit are a good energy and recovery source and this is definitely one of the tastiest shakes I’ve put together.

Tip: You can buy frozen fruit in most grocery stores that are great for smoothies! It’s not as juicy and fresh as regular fruit, but it can be a little bit more practical if it’s the middle of winter and you aren’t eating fresh fruit every day. I use frozen fruit a lot for my shakes and it helps make them thick and cold as well!

Enjoy a fruit-filled protein shake and take a trip back into summer with this strawberry peach shake!

Apple Pie Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder 8 ounces of milk 2 tablespoons unsweetened apple sauce 1 pinch cinnamon 1 graham cracker, crushed (optional) 1 packet stevia (optional) Handful of ice cubes

I’ve posted a lot of dessert protein shakes but this one might top them all! Apple pie is a classic treat all year round and you should be able to enjoy it without the guilt of taking in tons of calories, sugar and carbs.

I wanted to find a way to alleviate my apple pie cravings and came up with this recipe. It’s pretty simple…in fact, you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen. With a little creativity, you can end your workout or supplement your nutrition with the yummy taste of apple pie (in protein shake form of course) 😀

A few of the ingredients are optional depending on how “apple pie” you want to get in terms of calories. Without all of the optional ingredients, this is a super healthy protein shake that you can drink on a cut.
Let me know your thoughts and enjoy this apple pie protein shake!

Photo by cowfish

Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 scoop vanilla protein powder Handful of ice cubes 1-2 tablespoons of PB2 (regular peanut butter works as well) 1 tablespoon of organic jam Pinch of cinnamon 1 packet of stevia sweetener

The classic combination of peanut butter & jelly is good in any type of food. I’ve had it as a milkshake, ice cream, latte, spread and of course on a sandwich. I love it so much that I decided to come up with a protein shake version of PB&J.

I’ve made ones before that simply consist of adding a few tablespoons of Goobers peanut butter & jelly combo to a traditional vanilla protein powder shake.

This particular recipe is a little bit healthier and more well-rounded. Let me know what you think of the class peanut butter and jelly version of a protein shake. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

P.S. – I use PB2 and Crofter’s Organic Jam for mine. Great products! I also usually add a splash of milk, but that’s just a taste preference.