Quick Mocha Chip Casein Protein Pudding Recipe

Protein Shake Ingredients

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition cookie dough casein powder
2 tablespoons milk
1/2 cup coffee (any flavor will do)

Every morning, I start my day off with a big ol’ cup of coffee with cream and stevia. I usually don’t drink it until I get to the office but most days I’ll have my 8oz or so of joe finished up before lunch. I’m not the type of person who guzzles coffee down quickly in the AM…I’m more of a sip and savor.

I love the energy and focus boost that the caffeine gives me. I don’t always finish my coffee in the morning though and it’s cold come the afternoon. Usually, I’d just dump it out but I got an awesome idea a couple of weeks ago that allows me to ‘recycle’ any leftover coffee I have.

Around 2-3pm in the afternoon I start to drag a bit. I usually will have a protein shake in the afternoon to fend off any hunger or sweet cravings. One day, I decided to whip up some of the casein protein pudding I love for an afternoon snack. This time, though, I added my leftover gingerbread coffee from the morning into my mixture.

The result? Heaven.

Coffee mixes in perfectly with ON’s Casein protein powder and added a little boost of energy to my day along with the protein powder. I’ve started doing this almost every day. All you need is a scoop of casein protein powder (my favorite is cookie dough), a bit of milk or water and a quarter to half cup of coffee.

The result is a yummy mocha chip protein pudding! It’s super healthy and the combination of the protein and caffeine give me the perfect pick-me-up to finish my day on a strong note.